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Day Care Facilities


  • Working Hours of Preschool.
  • Working Hours of Day Care Centre.


  • Ages of admission are 9 months through 4 years.
  • We attempt to be flexible in our enrolment policies to suit the individual needs of the child.
  • Full - time and part - time registrations are accepted subject to availability of space and accommodation.


  • School Registration Form.
  • Family information sheet.
  • Medical Information sheet.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate as a proof of age from a civic body.
  • Two passport sized photographs.
  • One family photograph of child with parents.


  • A fully equipped and professionally staffed Day Care Facility for children of working parents.
  • Nutritious meals designed by expert nutritionist. (Also geared for specialised feeding based on medical advice.)
  • No soiled clothes to cart home. In-house Laundromat Facilities to serve your needs.
  • Nap time
  • Plethora of activities for holistic development : like music / dance / theatre / instrumental music / art / sculpture.
  • CCTV controlled secure environment.

Qualified, mentored and trained staff by DPSG Society Ghaziabad, the leading educational organization in the country.

Favourable student-teacher ratio (1:15 toddler programme & 1:20 Pre School), twin teacher teaching system & support staff in each class to ensure individual attention.

High-end security systems, fire-safety arrangements and digital monitoring for a worry free parent.

As per individual school policy.

Regular Meals : We provide meals recommended by a renowned Nutritionist in consultation with parents.
Special Diet : If a child has a particular dietary need, the school must be so informed and given a doctor's note.

We at Pre-school take healthy habits very seriously. The highest standard of hygiene and sanitation is maintained. The school doctor inspects the kitchen and laundry areas regularly and the Nutritionist ensures that only the ideal diet for children is served even though we aim to serve the largest variety of delicacies to make sure the children are well fed and happy. Besides, stringent security and surveillance measures are also in place and actively monitored. The administrative staff is well trained, alert and resourceful to maintain the highest standard of safety on the premises.


Positive Reinforcement: The child will be encouraged when he/she is demonstrates acceptable behavior.

Redirection: The child is redirected to another activity and given an opportunity to try again at another time.

"When...Then" Statements: A statement in which the child is encouraged to accomplish something before going on to some-thing else. Example: “When you finish picking up the blocks, then you can go outside."

"If...Then" Statements: A statement is which the child is encouraged to make a positive choice. Sample: If you pick up the blocks, then you can go to the Dress up play area.”

"Take a Break": This technique is used only when a child is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior or is hurting self. The child is encouraged to join the rest of the group after the cool down break.

Which curriculum do you follow?

  • The ECCE program is based on planned KDAs identified through extensive research by experts.
  • The KDAs are divided into five to build age-appropriate modules. Each module is then sub divided into 2-levels: Foundation Level and Graduation Level. Common features of these modules are as under:

How can I contribute as a parent ?

  • Parents can volunteer for classroom activities, outdoor activities, cultural and art activities.

How can I get my child ready for pre-school?

  • Help your child develop a positive attitude about school and the wonderful things he/she will be learning.
  • Read to your child and share picture books every day to develop interest in reading.
  • Count using picture books, different objects, food items or while setting the table for dinner.
  • Practice recognizing, naming and drawing basic shapes.
  • Practice speaking aloud your phone number and address.
  • Coloring & cutting.

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