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" Dear All

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a wonderful school in Gurugram Vicinity, DPSG STARZ C-2. Palam Vihar. This school is doing amazing work in shaping the future of little ones. Teaching staff are very good at nurturing and developing the children’s academic skills as well as social interaction, which helps the overall personality development of the kids.

“My daughter loves coming to school”

With my personal experience, would like share few more highlights of this school.

  • School is wonderfully using digital technology in the teaching methods and for information sharing.
  • Very well planner curriculum with good mix of academic focus and other activities like community connect by covering all the occasion and festivals, focus on personal habits and focus on life skills and values.
  • Monthly curriculum planners are shared well in advance, with parents for their information and connect with the syllabus.
  • Regular parent and teacher interaction programs to discuss the child’s progress and update on the development area in a constructive manner.
  • Foremost important part is that schools takes care the safety and security of the child.

I would like to congratulate and thanks Principal, teacher and all staff members for all the good work they are doing."

Thanks and Regards
Narendra Pratap Singh
F/O Asvi Singh

" We would like to appreciate the annual function wherein our child Rashi Nayal performed. As a parent, we are very happy to see our children grow up strong and smart. We would like to appreciate all the hard work delivered by the teachers and all the coordinators to present such a wonderful program.

Parents of Rashi Nayal"

" Hello Ma'am
I really appreciate the great job done by you today with my child. I know it is very difficult to do each and every step with the mood of small kids but you managed all things lovingly. For my husband and me, it was a great event as our child performed for the first time on the stage. We were really waiting for this day and DPSG STARZ KIDS really made it memorable. We personally thank you for this. And a big thanks to all of you. Expecting many more lovely moments like this.

Rachna Dhiman
Mother of Atharv Dhiman (Pre-Nursery)"

" I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you, the teachers and children of DPSG, Palam Vihar Gurgaon for the amazing Annual day program on the 25th February 2018. It was a wonderful event that did not have a minute of boredom and we just thought that our kids were a part of this spectacular show.

Santosh, mother of Pranav. "

" I would like to thank you for organizing such a memorable function to conclude this year’s session. It was a phenomenal event. It was full of entertainment & the children's performances were incredible. We had a lot of fun in each activity. The entire show was absolutely wonderful. The involvement of teachers in each event made it even better.

Special thanks to the Admin, Academic and the support staff for making this a memorable event.

One advice
The only problem was again with the parking management. The school has a lot of space inside the school. Cars can be parked inside of the school during the events only to avoid such instances that we saw today with a parent.

I look forward to contributing to the betterment of the school.
Ashish Saini f/o Shanaya Saini (Nur-C) "

" My sincere thanks to the DPSG team for inviting us to such a great event. We could see the smiling faces of the event and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. Efforts inputted by the team and the children was remarkable. We couldn't thank enough for bringing the best from the kids.
A special thank you to Kavita Sharma, HRT, Pre-owned Nursery Tulip. "

" It was a wonderful program, and the teachers worked really hard to make the program amazingly successful. thank you for such dedication and I look forward to many more splendid performances in future. "

Varsha Yadav (Parent)

" I want to congratulate DPSG Staff and members for the hard work with the little munchkins, as I understand the work behind handling a child. Superb work put up by the teachers, support staffs and everyone involved. Amazing concept and splendid arrangements. "

Anju and Sunil Sharma
Parents of Nikshay Sharma (Class Nursery A)

" Thanks to the DPSG team for organizing such a wonderful gala event. Kids performed really well and were looking beautiful in their costumes. We saw the hard work of the organizing committee & especially teachers behind the performances. We had really enjoyed the memorable event.
My special thanks to Seema Ma’am & Meera Ma’am for supporting Arth for this event. "

Pragya Shukla
Arth’s Parent

" The tiny DPSGites grooved as DPSG STARZ celebrated their Annual Day on 25th Feb’18, with the nomenclature ‘STARZ of RHYTHM’. DPSG Palam Vihar Principal Mrs. Deepika Sharma welcomed and expressed her gratitude to the parents who came to the event, showing their cooperation.

The tiny tots were dressed up in the colors of the rainbow to regale the audience. Transporting everyone to another world with their Sufiana Andaaz, their twinkle toes danced on splendid songbirds. They expressed geniuses on-stage while singing the melodious songs and rhymes.

The little stars dazzled in full swing on stage and performed on a western dance composition. The audiences could not stop tapping their feet on the Bhangra medley performed by such young kids. The highlight of the event was the 'Curtain Call' where all the students came back on stage with their teachers. The show was hosted by kids (Arvi and Japnoor) under the guidance and mentorship of their teachers. DPSG STARZ Incharge Mrs. Shilpi Sharma extended her gratitude to a deep sense of appreciation for all. "

" Our daughter, Charvi Ghai, has studied in DPSG for 2 years and we are happy with everything that she has been able to learn in these 2 years through her teachers. We would like to thank all the teachers of DPSG under whose supervision and commitment our daughter was able to learn to put her first steps into an educated and learned world. Annual function, this year, reflected the commitment of the teachers and once again glad to see our daughter perform on the stage. I feel there was an emotional touch in the event where the teachers were seen taking care of the kids on the stage, and enjoying the event with the kids rather forcing them to perform. I guess that is more important in today's fast-paced world. I hope the DPSG team continues to be so. We wish DPSG and its faculties all the best for future. "

Shweta Ghai
Parent of Charvi Ghai (Nursery-A)

" Dear Principal, Teachers, Cooks, and Cleaners ----

I would like to express my appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more that you have done for my son. I am hoping that God will give you much more patience for our children.

I am aware it’s not easy for you but I feel I need to share this with you.

You are doing much more than you should and assigned to do. I highly appreciate that and I am grateful for everything. It’s sad how much our children give you difficult time while you are helping them to be better people and leaders. The question is - Are we appreciating the effort as parents and learners of the school?

So, today I am taking this responsibility to Toast for the DPSG society and people associated with this. This is a wonderful gift from God and you are a gift from God.

Our children have a second trusted home DPSG Starz Kids and that’s why I feel I must inform you that you are appreciated and the work you do and the support you give the learners ---- they may not see that now, but tomorrow (in future) they will. Even if they are playful in time they will cry for the time they wasted, and you; keep up the good work.

I am really appreciating you all and wish God to give you much more strength and courage to do what you’re destined to do.

You are blessed as teachers with a talent that no one can ever take from you. You are really called teachers not because you want to make money but to make a difference in our children.

I am sorry --- I feel at this moment it’s something I need to do and something that you need to be told.

Thank you to the cooks too for making the food for our children.

Thank you to the Principal and staffs of the school for making a difference in our children’s lives by giving them an education.

Yours truly "

Richa Aggarwal
Mother of Keshav Aggarwal (Nur-D)

" I would like to thank DPSG Starz, C2 Block School team for making all the efforts to make the school a comfortable place for our little ones. My son loves his school and is excited every morning to go to school and as a parent that gives me a sense of satisfaction.

I appreciate the efforts put in by his class teacher - Ms. Sanya.

Special Mentions:
  • Making coloring & drawing fun - A few months ago, I was concerned as I didn’t think my child will be interested in drawing due to his lack of interest. But today I can say that, not only he has developed an interest in coloring he spends hours trying to draw pictures and color them. Thank you, Sanya Ma’am for making art so much fun for him. Also, I noticed that there is an emphasis on Yoga & Music as part of learning for these young kids. I really appreciate this aspect as well.
  • Thank you for giving chance to Advay to dance to the tunes of "Jai Ho" on the Kargil Vijay Diwas. Commend the efforts put in by the teachers to teach dance steps to these little ones so that they can perform confidently on stage (though I am eagerly waiting to see him performing in person.)

I love the fact that along with other festivals, the school decided to celebrate Kargil Vijay Diwas as a tribute to Indian Soldiers. Love the spirit. Keep it up!!

Keep up the good work that you are doing and looking forward to the remaining year ahead!!!
Thanks for all your hard work. "

Mother of Advay Saxena (Nur - C)

" Its been glad that my daughter (Rhythm Jain) is studying in DPSG-Starz school. We are happy with our daughter's growth from overall perspective, being from learning new Rhymes, stories to different words and painting. There is a different environment all together for learning activities and also school focus on the different seasonal participation which is very good and knowledgeable with respect to my daughter's growth.
Thanks for all your hard work. "
Ankit Sogani
(Father of Rhythm)

" Saksham learnt to recognize and name 26 uppercase alphabets. He now recognizes the colors, basic shapes, fruits and vegetables. He traces, draws and color in the various pictures. He Learnt how to share and cooperate, to work together and take turns to participate in group activities. Follows simple directions and to communicate his wants and needs. He has learnt step by step lot of things like dancing, participating in activities etc. but also needs improvement in basic etiquettes."
Saruchi Gupta
(Mother of Saksham)

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